How to Coach Patients With Diabetes - A 12-Hour Workshop For Physicians & Healthcare Practitioners

How to Coach Patients With Diabetes - A 12-Hour Workshop For Physicians & Healthcare Practitioners

Most doctors and healthcare practitioners who work in the diabetes space are clinically very good. They are well trained and up to date with the latest studies about diabetes, however they rarely have time to get training about how to better coach their patients to address the life-long challenges of the condition. 

Diabetes is a chronic condition, but yet it is still so often treated with an acute mind-set. Patients look to doctors for answers. But, with a chronic condition like diabetes that needs to be managed 24/7, patients need to be able to manage by themselves when they cannot contact their healthcare providers. The patient must take charge of their own health to manage successfully.

This is what this workshop focuses on!
This 12 hour program can be offered as an extensive 2-day workshop, or broken down over a series of days. 
Prices vary depending on the number of attendees and length of the program.
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What's Included?

This training is for Healthcare Providers who want to focus on the importance of coaching for the motivation and engagement of the patient in diabetes treatment and for a better health outcomes. The agenda includes both coaching theory and real-life examples and exercises. 

In this 2-Day Workshop for physicians and healthcare practitioners attendees will learn:

  • Coaching Foundations 
  • Why should we even coach patients?
  • How to apply coaching techniques in a medical practice
  • How to help patients define a vision
  • How to better support patients to achieve goals
  • Motivational Techniques
  • Follow Up & Assessment of the Patient's Goals - not the clinical ones.
  • ...and more!

About the Instructor

Your Instructor for this course is Pamela Durant. Founder & Managing Director of DiapointME. Pamela has 25 years of experience in the hospital and healthcare industry. 
She is a Certified Wellness Coach from USA based Wellcoaches as well as a certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.
She is also a member of the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.