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Vivoo Test Strips

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A new technology that analyzes your urine and provides nutrition and lifestyle advice, unique to your body in just seconds.


How to Use Vivoo?

1. Download the Vivoo App

The FREE Vivoo App doesn’t require a premium membership in order to access all of the features. And you don’t have to log what you eat!download-on-app-store-png-apple-and-the-apple-logo-are-trademarks-of-apple-inc-registered-in-the-u-s-and-other-countries-app-store-is-a-service-mark-of-apple-inc-android-565-300x89.png (300×89)

2.Urinate on the strip and scan it via the Vivoo App 

Once you received your Vivoo pack, take one of the strips and urinate on the colored boxes. After 120 seconds, scan your strip via the Vivoo App.

3. Receive personalized nutrition advice

Vivoo translates your urine information into personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice that can easily fit in your daily life. All of the Vivoo advice has been prepared by registered dieticians, nutritionists, and doctors.

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