Abbott Freestyle Libre 2 Reader

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Abbott Freestyle Libre 2 Reader
Abbott Freestyle Libre 2 Reader

Abbott Freestyle Libre 2 Reader

Regular price $68.50

The reader can capture the data from sensor when it is placed between 1cm to 4cm from sensor, even through clothing.

To get a complete glycemic picture over the last three months, the sensor must be replaced every fourteen days and the sensor must be scanned at least once every eight hours.

The LibreView website is only compatible with certain operating systems and browsers. Please check for additional information.

It stores up to 90 days of glucose data and has easy-to-understand graphs of your glucose history. Small and lightweight, the reader is easy to hold and carry with you. The backlit colour touchscreen means you can read it in the dark.

An easy scan shows the current glucose reading, the latest 8 hours of glucose data and a trend arrow showing if glucose levels are going up, down or changing slowly.

At a glance – the FreeStyle Libre 2 reader shows:

∙ A number - current glucose reading

∙ A trend arrow - where your glucose is heading

∙ A graph - the latest 8 hours of glucose history

∙ Optional glucose alarms that can be easily set to your individual needs

The reader also has a built-in blood glucose and ketone testing strip port. 

A cloud-based software solution for FreeStyle Libre 2 system:

LibreView offers a range of reports, including the 'Glucose Pattern Insights' report which includes assessment of Glucose Control Measures and the Ambulatory Glucose Profile that you can use to spot and review glucose patterns, identify areas to target with your healthcare professional, and track progress.


Reader size 95 mm x 60 mm x 16 mm
Reader weight 65 grams
Reader power source 1 lithium-ion rechargeable battery with G-Type plug
Reader battery life 4 days of typical use
Reader memory 90 days of typical use
Reader operating temperature 10°C to 45°C
Reader storage temperature -20°C to 60°C
Reader moisture protection Keep dry
Reader operating and storage altitude -381 metres (-1,250 ft) to 3048 metres (10,000 ft)
Reader display timeout 60 seconds (120 seconds when test strip is inserted)
Radio frequency 13.56 MHz
Data port Micro USB
Minimum computer requirements System must only be used with EN60950-1 rated computers
Mean service life 3 years of typical use
Blood glucose assay range 1.1 to 27.8 mmol/L
Blood ketone assay range 0.0 to 8.0 mmol/L


Is this Reader compatible with sensors from all countries?

No, the FreeStyle Libre system is subject to specific regulatory requirements that can differ across countries. As a result, FreeStyle Libre readers and sensors bought in one market may not be interoperable with those purchased in other markets. It's important to note that this FreeStyle Libre Reader originates from the United Arab Emirates. Before making a purchase, ensure compatibility with the sensors you intend to use.

95 mm x 60 mm x 16 mm

65 grams