Biogena Magnesiumbisglycinat 125

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Biogena Magnesiumbisglycinat 125

Biogena Magnesiumbisglycinat 125

Regular price $62.90

Magnesium exists in many different compounds - inorganic and organic - which differ chemically in their structure. In its organic form as magnesium bisglycinate, magnesium is bound to two molecules of the amino acid glycine. This so- called "chelate form" gives the compound a high bioavailability. Magnesium bisglycinate is not absorbed by the body like a mineral, but as an amino acid. This means that magnesium does not have to compete with other minerals for absorption from the intestines. Due to the effective utilization of this magnesium compound, this preparation is ideally suited for use in sports before strenuous training sessions.

In addition, magnesium bisglycinate is characterised by an extremely good tolerance. Due to its special structure, chelated magnesium offers a low risk of digestive problems and is therefore a gentle alternative to other magnesium compounds for sensitive persons.

Magnesium is the fourth most common mineral in the body and therefore one of the most important minerals for health. In terms of quantity, most of the magnesium is found in bones and teeth, the preservation of which it supports. But it is also essential for normal muscle function and is therefore particularly beneficial for athletes. Increased stress leads to an increased consumption of magnesium. An adequate supply of magnesium can support the normal processes in the nervous system and psyche during these times.

  • With magnesium bisglycinate, a well tolerated and bioavailable organic form of magnesium
  • Magnesium chelated to the amino acid L-glycine with special properties
  • Magnesium plays a role in normal muscle function - both in muscle tension and relaxation
  • Magnesium contributes to normal energy metabolism and helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.
  • Magnesium also helps to support the normal functioning of the nervous system and the psyche.
  • The electrolyte balance of the body is kept in balance by magnesium, among other things
  • For refilling the accumulators in case of magnesium losses, e.g. due to mass and competitive sports or the intake of proton pump inhibitors
  • To support the musculature and during increased physical strain
  • For increased magnesium requirements during growth and pregnancy
  • To support the psyche and to maintain performance and vitality in phases of mental and physical stress

Magnesium bisglycinate, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (capsule shell).

Food supplement: The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. No substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Non-organic product according to regulation 834/2007.

The information provided here is not a statement on healing or a recommendation to self-medicate.

Micronutrients in pure form, by consistently avoiding unnecessary additives such as colourings, binding and separating agents or synthetic coatings, form the basis for the formulations that the Biogena science team creates.

Our eco container with flip-top lid is 100% green plastic made from the renewable plant-based raw material sugar cane. It is 100% recyclable. Make an active contribution to climate protection with Biogena.

Magnesium   125mg per capsule. Recommended intake is 250mg per day, or 2 capsules per day.


90 capsules