Diabetes Doula Consultation

Diabetes Doula Consultation

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What is a Diabetes Doula?


"Doula" is an ancient Greek word which means "A woman who serves". And that is what I do – I serve people who have been touched by diabetes.

What does a doula do? A doula's duty is to provide a continuous source of comfort, encouragement and support (both emotional and physical). A doula may also act as an advocate. 

Usually this word refers to someone who helps a woman during pregnancy, or childbirth, but why only for childbirth? A diabetes diagnosis is an equally sensitive time that comes with so many challenges and new things to learn.

Please know that doulas do not give medical advice. If you or your child have diabetes of any kind, or pre-diabetes, you must get qualified medical advice about your condition from those who are trained and licensed to do that.

How Does A Diabetes Doula Session Work?

Your Diabetes Doula session will be conducted online via Zoom videoconferencing software. It is very easy to use, and works on computer, smartphone or tablet. We will be able to talk to each other face to face.

This is not a typical coaching session where I support you to set goals and find solutions. Who can think of goals when your world has been turned upside down by diabetes!?

During this session I will share with you my most important lessons, references and the in's and out's of diabetes.


What Kind Of Help Can A Diabetes Doula Provide?


During your Diabetes Doula session, I will share my experiences and mentor you. But I will also listen, and support you on your diabetes journey.

In these sessions I typically answer questions like: 

  • What type of doctor do I need? 
  • What questions should I be asking my doctor? 
  • What books and other resources can help me understand? 
  • Where can I get all my supplies? 
  • Outside of the medications my doctor has prescribed, do I need other special supplies? 
  • How do I deal with my insurance?


If it's your child who has been diagnosed, I also answer questions like:

  • How can I send my child to school safely? 
  • Can my child play sports? 
  • Will they live a normal, healthy life? 
  • How do I deal with parties and other social situations?


Those are just some of the things people ask me during these sessions, but you can ask me anything. This is your time.

Meet Your Diabetes Doula

Hi! I am Pamela Durant, the Founder and Managing Director of Diapoint, and a Diabetes Doula. 

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over 10 years ago at the very young age of 20 months old.

Diagnosis was scary, and a very challenging time for me, my family and for my son. I struggled to find people who understood, and who had been through this. I was completely alone. I am happy to say that he is now a thriving (almost) teenager.

I have worked in healthcare over 25 years, managed a child with Type1 Diabetes for 10 years, and now own a company specializing in diabetes since 2016. I am also a certified Wellness Coach from Harvard Affiliated Wellcoaches, and Certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

If you are new to the world of diabetes and are in need of support, I am here. I look forward to meeting you.

I have been through this, and I can help. That's what doulas do.


What Happens After I Purchase a Diabetes Doula Session?


Once payment is received, we will send you a link to book your exclusive one-hour session. Please whitelist our email address: info@diapointme.com, and contact us for help if you do not see your booking link.

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