SiderAL Folico

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SiderAL Folico
SiderAL Folico
SiderAL Folico
SiderAL Folico

SiderAL Folico

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Sideral Folic 30 is suitable for all people and is useful in all cases where iron integration is required even for long periods of time when an increased need for this nutrient is anticipated.

It contributes to

  • normal cognitive function,
  • energy metabolism,
  • normal oxygen transport to the body,
  • formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin,
  • normal function of the immune system,
  • reduced fatigue and fatigue.

The daily iron requirement varies with the different physiological conditions (menstruation, bleeding, pregnancy).

  • Iron deficiency is very common in women of fertile age, because great amounts of iron are lost during the menstrual period. When a woman is pregnant, on the other hand, iron is required for the transportation of oxygen to the fetus.

  • An iron deficiency would manifest itself at an early stage with:

  • A tendency to fatigue

  • Feeling tired or weak all the time

  • Feeling unable to cope physically or psychologically

  • Fragile hair and nails

  • Paleness

Daily iron requirements vary according to different physiological conditions. In some cases, appropriate supplementation of this mineral is necessary to maintain good health.

  • In case of iron deficiency or increased need, such as during pregnancy.
  • During the pre-conception period, thanks to the presence of folic acid.
  • In case of heavy menstruation that may lead to iron deficiency.
  • When the feeling of tiredness, fatigue, weakness and symptoms of asthaenia is frequent.
  • To promote a normal immune response.
  • For women of child-bearing age with increased iron requirements, due, for example, to intense sporting activity.
  • In all cases inadequate dietary iron intake.

Thanks to the application of Sucrosomial® Technology, the iron contained in SiderAL® Folico is able to overcome the gastric environment unharmed and be absorbed into the intestine, thus avoiding irritation and discomfort in the stomach, typically associated with the intake of other types of iron.

Benefits & Advantages 

  1. High absorption
  2. High bioavailability
  3. Excellent tolerability
  4. Great taste (no metallic taste)
  5. Gluten Free
  6. Milk protein < 500 ppm
  7. Practical to take, no need for water
Ingredient Quantity NRV
Iron 30.00 mg 214%
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 70.00 mg 87%
Folic acid 1.00 mg 71%
Vitamin D 400.00 mcg 200%
Vitamin B12 10.00 mcg 200%
Vitamin B6 1.75 mcg


As prescribed by Doctor. Always consult your Physician or qualified medical professional before use

SiderAL® Folic 30mg is a practical orosoluble stick, to be taken directly in the mouth without water. It can be taken at any time of day.
Each pack contains 20 orosoluble sachets.

It is recommended to store the product at room temperature (not exceeding 25°C). Avoid exposure to localised heat sources.
Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age.

9mm x 3mm x 15mm