MySharps Pocket Container
MySharps Pocket Container
MySharps Pocket Container
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MySharps Pocket Container

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A handy and smart pocket container for used insulin pen needles, especially for people on the go.

Just $7USD / AED26 each, or get a pack of 3 and get 15% off for $18 USD / AED66

Features & Benefits

  • Safe, discrete and easy for needle dismantling
  • Convenient at work or when “on the road”
  • Easy to dispose of safely
  • Suitable for all sizes of Insulin Pen Needles
  • Ideal for travel and daily use
  • Certified according to ISO 23907
  • Suitable for all sizes of pen needles and it creates a safe way and to dispose of used pen needles.

MySharps is developed with a focus on insulin pen needles, but the pocket container can be also be used for other sharps/needles. Each MySharps has a capacity of approx. 25-30 used pen needles and the container can be closed temporary and permanently when full. The container is suitable for all sizes of insulin pen-needles. It creates a safe way and a help to dispose of used pen needles and supports a Best Prac.tice routine for people with diabetes who have to take insulin via insulin pens. MySharps is an essential part of diabetes supplies along with pen-needles, lancets and other required equipment.


Product Dimension

20 x 15 x 3 cm


50 gr 

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